Do You Have A 5-Star Reputation Online?

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Online reviews have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Take control of  your online reviews to increase your revenues AND search engine rankings! Your online reputation is the greatest form of attraction marketing that exists.  When people search for your company name online, your reputation either acts as a magnet or drives prospects to your competitors.  “No reputation” is one step from a “bad reputation”.

Make sure to check your online reputation often because that’s what your prospects do every day.  All it takes is one bad review (or lack of reviews) to steer prospects to your competitors… and your advertising dollars are disappearing into thin air.  A negative online reputation is much more costly than you think (click for “Do The Math” example).

Local PR Online specializes in developing a 5-Star reputation for local companies online because it is the most powerful way to bring pre-sold customers who already trust you and can’t wait to buy from you. Your online reputation IS your reputation… our proven system makes it EASY for your own satisfied customers or patients to make you shine with a steady flow of positive reviews.

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Reviews Create Confidence in You

It’s not surprising that testimonials and reviews on Yelp, Google+ and other directories are critical in increasing confidence in a business… but trying to get customers to leave a review on these review sites can be like pulling teeth.

The problem is that customers often have good intentions to write a positive review for your business but simply won’t carve out the time to hunt down these sites and then figure out how to leave a review. Your customers and patients want to express their satisfaction of your company to the online world but if you don’t make it simple and completely obvious, it will not happen! 5_stars_image

This is where we make your life easy… our proprietary strategies & implementation techniques overcome this huge challenge so you can focus on your business. We make you shine with a steady flow of positive reviews from your own satisfied customers… and then shout it to the web!

This consumer confidence ultimately translates into new customers, clients or patients. Reputation is what drives conversion. Still think reviews and ratings about your company and product are not important? Think again!  Statistics show that prospects like to see at least 6 or 7 reviews before they feel they can trust your company. Check out these other important statistics (Sources: Cone, Harvard Business School):

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Do you know what people are saying online about your business? Contact us today to receive your free customized report on what the online world is saying about your business and how you can maximize your exposure in powerful online directories.  We look forward to helping you develop your own 5-Star Reputation.

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Sue Kulpinski, Founder

Sue KulpinskiLocal PR Online was born out of a need to help local companies and organizations get noticed in their communities in a short period of time.

Our passion is to help businesses and organizations develop a positive web presence rapidly. With our extensive knowledge of both content publishing and SEO, we have developed unique integrated strategies to launch local companies to the top of the search engines quickly.

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