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group_iconWe are currently offering a $4,000 website for only $1,999 (one time fee or finance monthly) plus your hosting/maintenance.  We call it our Groupon website! 

You bypass custom pricing by going with this cutting edge layout that offers state of the art features:

  • Call To Action  with “book appointment” feature
  • Website is already mobile  with tap to call (value is $1,000 alone)
  • Image Sliders or Video on Homepage
  • Reviews or Testimonial tab (conversion rate is proven to go up!)
  • Google Map, Social Media and everything a local website could ever want.

Color variations unlimited… take a look at our sample website that fits any industry.  We can have this site with your logo and content ready in 4 weeks or less!  Just call us at 936-203-4504 or Contact Us after you see this gorgeous site:



Sample CUSTOM Websites by Local PR Online:





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Sue Kulpinski, Founder

Sue KulpinskiLocal PR Online was born out of a need to help local companies and organizations get noticed in their communities in a short period of time.

Our passion is to help businesses and organizations develop a positive web presence rapidly. With our extensive knowledge of both content publishing and SEO, we have developed unique integrated strategies to launch local companies to the top of the search engines quickly.

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